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Imamyar Hasanov

30 years of experience


Learn how to perform soulfully using the KamanYar style



Imamyar Hasanov Azerbaijani American Kamancha Master Imamyar Hasanov is an internationally acclaimed virtuoso on kamancha and for his versatility as an arranger, performer, and instructor bridging the vast divide between his traditional scales and those of other cultures. 

Having impressive credentials, he leads the field with his experience and vision to catapult Azerbaijani music onto the world stage. As an artist of impeccable character, Mr. Hasanov is a uniquely gifted musician with numerous achievements in fostering the vitality and public appreciation of Azerbaijani traditional music. 

Mr. Hasanov has not only contributed to the preservation of Azerbaijani traditional music, but has created a body of work which has brought this music to the forefront of both the classical and world music fields.


1994 – 2000

Baku Music Academy after Uzeyir Hajibayov, specialization in Kamancha, Master of Arts Degree, Azerbaijan

1990 – 1994

Baku Music College, after Asef Zeynalli, specialization in Kamancha, Bachelor of Arts Degree, Baku, Azerbaijan

1985 – 1990

1st Form of Child Music School No. 17, Kamancha, Mardakan Settlement, Baku, Azerbaijan

1982 – 1990

1st Form Secondary School No. 123 of Mardakan Settlement, Baku, Azerbaijan




Music Lecturer for Department of Music, Stanford University, Winter Quarter

2012 – 2018

Global Music Director, San Francisco World Music Festival 


Music Lecturer for Department of Music, Stanford University, Spring Quarter


Recent Performance Highlights


"Sounds of Azerbaijan: A Musical Journey" Morgan Wixson Theatre - Los Angeles 

"Sounds of Azerbaijan: A Musical Journey" Community School of Music and Art - San Francisco, CA


International Mugham Festival "Gala Concert" Haydar Aliyev Center -  Baku, Azerbaijan


"Imamyar Hasanov Azerbaijani Concert / Lecture" Tylet Junior College - Tyler,TX


"Beyond the Quarantine" Project of Tehran Philharmonic Orchestra  


“Kamancha and Kemenche” with Chukurova Symphony Orchestra - Adana, Turkey

“Aras Ensemble”, Europe Tour - Paris, France

“Aras Ensemble”, Europe Tour - Geneva, Switzerland

“Aras Ensemble”, Europe Tour - Gothenburg, Sweden


“Hagia Irene” - Istanbul, Turkey

“Turkey Tour” - Ankara, Istanbul

“Music from the Land of Fire” - Tokyo, Japan

“Tehran Philharmonic Orchestra” - Tehran, Iran


“Hagia Irene” - Istanbul, Turkey

“Azerbaijani Music Night” - Tehran, Iran

“International Day” - Tyler, TX

“Ancient Mood” - Dallas, TX

“Ancient Mood” - Houston, TX


“From Tehran To Baku”- Los Angeles, California

“The Sun Archer Overture” San Francisco World Music Festival - San Francisco, California


“Kamancha Masters” - Istanbul, Turkey

“The War Project”, San Francisco World Music Festival -  San Francisco, California


“Destiny and Acceptance”, Youth Music Monterey County featuring Imamyar Hasanov, Sunset Center - San Carlos, California

“Evening of Mugham”, Berkeley City College - Berkeley, California

“Old Roots, New Leaves”, Talary Hunar - Kurdistan Region, Iraq

“Festival of The Silk Road” - San Jose, California


“The Opera Project”, 13th San Francisco World Music Festival - San Francisco, California

“Azerbaijani Music meets American Jazz” Los Angeles, and San Diego,CA

“Lowell Folk Festival - Lowell, Massachusetts

“Montana Folk Festival - Bute, Montana

“Smithsonian Folklife Festival” - Washington DC, Maryland

“Symphony Space”, World Music Institute - New York City, New York

“Loopino Festival”, Luxembourg Philharmonic - Luxembourg


“The Epic Project”, 12th San Francisco World Music Festival - San Francisco, California

“Richmond Folk Festival” - Richmond, Virginia

“Houdetsi Folk Music Festival” - The Village Houdesti, Heraklio

“Simourg”, London Logan Hall - London, United Kingdom


“Great Lake Folk Music Festival” - Michigan University, East Lansing, Michigan

“Passage to Dawn” - Frankfurt, London, Gothenburg

“Nowruz in Istanbul” - Istanbul, Turkey


“The Reeds Give Way To The Wind”, 9th San Francisco World Music Festival - San Francisco, California


“Here Comes the Sea, Followed by The Ocean”, 8th San Francisco World Music Festival - San Francisco, California

“Best Kept Secret of World Music”, George Washington University - Washington DC


“Silk Road Bayram”, Indiana University - Indianapolis, Indiana

“The Nowruz Project”, 6th San Francisco World Music Festival - San Francisco, California

“Undiscovered Treasure Kamancha of Azerbaijan”, Georgetown University - Washington DC


Recent workshops


“Azerbaijani Music Master Class” - Tokyo, Japan


“Azerbaijani Music Master Class” - Tehran and Tabriz, Iran


“Azerbaijani Music Master Class” - Tabriz, Iran

“Azerbaijani Music Master Class” - Istanbul, Turkey

2013 – 2014

“Worldwide  Classrooms”, world music classes to students in Bay Area Schools - San Francisco, CA


“Worldwide Classrooms”, world music classes to students in the migrant communities - Beijing, China


“Azerbaijani Music Workshops” - Tel Aviv, Israel

“Montana Folk Festival Workshops” - Bute, Montana

“Lowell Folk Festival Workshops” - Lowell, Massachusetts

“Loopino Festival Workshops”, Luxembourg Philharmonic - Luxembourg

“Race: Are We So Different?”, Workshop, Science Museum of Virginia - Richmond, Virginia


“Richmond Folk Music Festival Workshop” - Richmond, Virginia

“Labyrinth Musical Workshops & Seminars” - Crete, Greece

“The Juilliard School of Music Workshop” - New York City, New York


“Great Lake Folk Festival & Workshop”, Michigan State University - East Lansing

“Novruz Concert & Workshop” - Istanbul University, Istanbul, Turkey


Fellowships, Honors, Awards


Diploma of First Degree “Seeking Talents” - Baku, Azerbaijan


Diploma of First Degree “Haji Mammadov Competition I” - Baku, Azerbaijan

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